Somebody Loves Me

Do you ever feel lonely?  Wonder if anyone cares?  If anyone really loves you?  Long for someone to understand you?   Wish someone were there?  I believe everyone experiences this at sometime or another.  The good news is that right now:

Somebody is thinking of you                        
Somebody is caring for you
Somebody is caring about you                    
Somebody longs for you
Somebody wants to talk to you                  
Somebody wants to be with you
Somebody wants to listen to you                 
Somebody watns to hold your hand
Somebody is protecting you                         
Somebody is working for your good
Somebody is celebrating your successes     
Somebody wants to give you a gift
Somebody thinks you are a gift                                               
Somebody wants to hold you in His arms
Somebody is on your side and is pulling for you today              
Somebody loves you
Somebody wants to laugh with you                                           
Somebody wants to cry with you
Somebody wants to tell you how much He cares                       
Somebody wants to share His life with you
Somebody wants to be your friend                                          
Somebody died to make that friendship possible
Somebody loves you for who you are                                       
Somebody wants you to know that He is there for you
Somebody is always thinking about you                                    
Somebody believes in you
Somebody wants you to trust Him…today

What a great description of our Heavenly Father!  I read this last night in Neil T. Anderson & Rich Miller’s book, Freedom from Fear.  I hope it encourages you as much as it encouraged me!


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  1. Rebecca,
    That is a great, I love it. After the day I have had this was great to read and ponder on. Thanks for posting such a great piece.

    Phil 4:4-8

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