Mission Trip to Kantunilkin, Mexico

Well, we are officially back from our mission trip.  I say officially because even though I was in the office on Wednesday working and playing catch up, my mind, energy, and stomach were still somewhere in Mexico!  Then on Thursday we made a quick trip over to Birmingham to see my Aunt and briefly attend her retirement reception with the Alabama Power Co.  So, I think we are back in focus here and may have picked up another new client this week.

Our trip was really great and Tony and I were blessed to be able to give a week out of our lives to help run an eye clinic that ministered to the people of Kantunilkin, Mexico.  Here is a recap of some of the amazing things we saw God do.

1.  Even though our trip began at 5am on Thursday morning we had a smooth sailing through security and a smooth flight.  As our plane approached the runway in Cancun, Mexico a good friend of mine sitting in front of us with her daughter said, “Oh, ya’ll look out the window!”  And there it was….the biggest rainbow I had ever seen in my life!!  It looked like something out of a story book with every color presenting in the most perfect arch you have ever seen!  We knew God had sent a sign saying that He would be faithful to provide for ever need on this trip.  My heart nearly skipped a beat.

2.  Well, we needed to remember that rainbow very quickly as we were trying to get through customs and they wanted to charge us a $600 tax for the glasses that we were bringing for the eye clinic.  One of our fellows there who was a doctor and interpreter and one of our leaders were escorted in “the little room”.  We began to pray and about an hour later we were down to $120 tax. We took it!

3.  As most of you may know Hurricane Alex had just developed by Saturday and it was headed straight for us.  We went to bed Saturday night fully expecting to have to pack our bags in a hurry and make the 2 hour drive back to Cancun and try to get on a plane Sunday morning to get away but we prayed that night and God turned Alex and we were able to continue our mission.

4.  By Monday several were getting sick due to the different food selections including yours truly!  I was so bummed at first.  I was thankful that God relieved the nausea that morning but then there was that other pesky issue that keeps you needing a bathroom close by because when you need it – you need it ASAP!!  Do you know what I mean or do I need to spell it out for you??  Well, Monday we were packing up to make the 2 hour drive back to the mission in Cancun and were supposed to have some down time later that afternoon on an Island just off from Cancun.  I knew I had to pack and go….but what is a girl to do??  Well, I decided not to worry…..that would be “walking after the flesh” anyway so I decided to trust God.  After all, He had just turned a little thing like a hurricane so surely he could provide a restroom when one was needed.  Well, that was my request and would you believe for the next 72 hours God was faithful to see me and everyone else through traveling in vans on dirt roads, getting in some much need R&R on the beach, a flat tire, new motel, packing, airports, plane flights, immigration and customs lines that took forever etc….  I promise you every time there was a need I would look up and there would be a vacant restroom.  It really got to be quite funny by the time we reached Atlanta Airport and I had to just laugh as I walked in one there.  So, yes…..God even provides restrooms when you need them!  🙂  And yes…..I think our stomach’s are getting back to normal as of today and I am very grateful.

Speaking of being grateful, we really do take so much for granted here in the USA.  This weekend as we celebrate July 4th I’ll be running the Peachtree Road Race again this year and as I run I will be thanking my Abba Father that I live in a free country with the abilities to enjoy so many wonderful opportunities AND luxuries that so many are not able to enjoy….namely the people in Kantunilkin, Mexico.  I have never in all my life seen so much poverty.  Most live in mud or thatched roof huts with no doors or windows.  If you have been fortunate enough you might have a cinder block home that is only half-finished with no doors or windows.  Very often they sleep in hammocks and do not know the comfort of a bed.  We were overwhelmed with their grateful spirits, the love that they showed to us and they way they welcomed us there.  The children were precious and bonded so easily with you.

We offered an eye clinic for the people, passed out flyers & tracks, conducted prayer walks throughout the city, did a construction project on their church and showed the Jesus film in spanish.  We had over 430 people come through the eye clinic, we gave out over 350 glasses and had about 50 people pray to receive Christ.  We doubled the size of their congregation, got them tons of follow-up and discipleship to work on and left the sweet aroma of Christ there with the members of their fellowship.  Thank you Lord for a wonderful trip and for seeing after the needs of the people in Kantunilkin, Mexico and for ours too!!



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