About NLD


Founded in 2007, New Life Design, Inc. is a non-profit, grace-based ministry that is engaged in the
doc spiritual training and development of people.  Using the Exchanged Life model of counseling, we provide Individual, Marital, and Pre-Marital Coaching as well as New Life Design Conferences, Marriage! – The Journey Conferences, and Spiritual Formation Groups.  Dana is also available to speak at conferences, retreats, and seminars.

Our Mission

Because Christ in us is our hope of glory, our mission is to equip the individual to realize, experience and fulfill the intelligent design that God intends for his or her life.

Ministry Philosophy

New Life Design’s essential priority is the spiritual disciplining, training, and development of people.  There are many people who are living in defeat day after day.  They have no idea of the power, freedom, victory and joy that could be theirs in Christ.  Many struggle with depression, fear, addiction, failure, or anxiety.  Often times their relationships are unhealthy, struggling, or even broken.  Many are striving to live a life that measures up to standards of perfection set by themselves and/or others.  Many look on the outside as if they have it all together, yet on the inside, they wonder why this “Christian Life” just doesn’t seem to work for them.  They work feverishly in the church under the burden of legalism often appearing as a foundational member of the fellowship.  However, they are unhappy, unfulfilled and left wanting more.  Many certainly feel like a failure in the eyes of God.  They suffer from conflict and frustration because they do not know their identity in Christ.  New Life Design can offer Biblical solutions for insightful living.

Our Methodology

Interested in the Life Coaching process?  Want to know more about it and what you will be learning and experiencing…

At New Life Design we will help you realize:

The fullness of the gospel is that Christ now dwells in us.  He dwells in us to enable us to fulfill God’s intelligently designed purpose for our lives.  Through conversion, we are restored to the position God intended for us.  By realizing and embracing our identity in Christ and the cross we are able to live out the victorious, new life that He intends for us.

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