Pre-Marital Coaching

Committing to The Journey

couple-802058_1280Are you excited about your new venture together, but a little scared about this commitment you are about to make? Maybe you and your fiancé have a good relationship but you would really like to be more prepared for this new life together that you are about to experience.  Whatever your situation is in preparing for marriage, we understand exactly where you are.

By living in this day and age we are sure that you have come to realize that the divorce rate is still staggering.  The pain that one can experience with a relationship coming apart is usually life altering.  Those thoughts alone can give you serious hesitations about getting married.  In order to avoid the pain of a potential divorce, many couples are testing out life together before making a commitment.  However, according to recent statistics*, these relationships frequently do not endure.

Preparing for The Journey

maldives-698501_1280So what are the options for couples that really desire to experience a marriage that will go the distance?  At New Life Design we believe that premarital coaching is the best option and definitely worth your investment.  Over and over we are finding that even in the secular world, many are realizing that premarital coaching is the main way to combat the ever increasing divorce rate and all the pain that is associated with it.  Some pastors are now refusing to marry engaged couples unless they’ve attended some type of premarital coaching or classes.

Starting The Journey

Our pre-marital coaching will help equip the engaged couple in understanding the Biblical principles for a successful marriage.


Here are some things we will look at during our time together:

  • Anticipations, expectations and myths of married life
  • The flesh and its role in relational conflict and frustration
  • His needs, Her needs and who meets them
  • Experiencing and extending grace and the real truth to each other
  • Who is the true enemy? – how to fight with new weapons
  • What about my emotions?
  • New loyalties – leaving and cleaving
  • The point man and the virtuous woman
  • Marriage busters – intimacy, communication, finances, in-laws, religion, children

Starting The Journey , Again

Let me just say a special word to those of you who are “single again” due to death or divorce.  You may wonder if you really need pre-marital coaching.  YES!  You will be amazed at what you will learn and what you will gain from the coaching process.


Suggested Donation

Service Recommended Donation
15 sessions meeting once a week $75.00/session
Diagnostic Fee
(Prepare/Enrich Inventory & Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis)  
$45.00 one-time

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in premarital coaching, please call or e-mail us.

*Anderson, Kerby  “Cohabitation”
Coontz, Stephanie;  Marriage, a History:  from Obedience to Intimacy or How Love Conquered Marriage