Individual Coaching

What’s The Problem?

glass-97503_1920In the past 15 years, the number of people seeking treatment for depression in the U.S. has doubled to a staggering 25 million a year.  19.1 million Americans between the ages of 18-54 suffer from anxiety disorders.  1/3 of adults (34%) say they are “stressed out”.  1 out of 10 adults are dealing with a severe addiction that is disrupting their lives and their families.  36% of adults admit to “searching for some kind of meaning and purpose in life”.

Can You Relate?

Maybe you “grew up in church” and you are struggling to experience the victorious Christian life.  Maybe you feel that you are living in defeat day after day hoping that life will be different at some point.  Maybe you are struggling in your relationships.

family-1542595_640At New Life Design we believe that Jesus is the true answer and that through the Life Coaching Process an individual can come to a place of knowing how to appropriate Christ as their life and begin to experience peace, victory, purpose, and power for living.

We call it “insightful living”!

In the Life Coaching process, we will meet with you once a week for approximately 20-25 weeks and help you to discover the root of the problem.  In essence, our mission is to equip you to realize, experience and fulfill God’s intelligent design on your life.  You can find healing, meaning, purpose and power for living.


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Suggested Donation

The fee listed below is a suggested donation.  This goes back into the ministry of New Life Design to help cover expenses and make it possible for others to come through the coaching process.  The employees of New Life Design raise their own support to cover their salaries.

Service Recommended Donation
Coaching $85/session
Diagnostic Fee
(Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis)  
$25.00 one-time

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in individual coaching, please call or e-mail us.