Marital Coaching

What Couples Want?
A healthy, happy marriage…the one thing couples want more than anything else.  Yet, it is often times the hardest thing to capture and keep.  Sometimes you may feel like the very things that drew you together in the first place become the very sources of irritation and conflict later.  Struggling in your relationship with your spouse can be one of the most hurtful and disappointing seasons of your life.  Your marriage relationship that once seemed rock solid may now feel more like quicksand.  There could be a myriad of ways in which the hurt and disappointment have affected you and your spouse, but we believe that there is still hope. 

What Couples Need.human-746661_1280

You need to know that God does have a master design for marriage that enables a couple to live with each other in the most positive and productive way regardless of what may be in the past.  At New Life Design we desire to see couples experience the grace, freedom, and life for their marriage that can only be found by allowing Christ to live His life through us.  Conflict erupts as couples try to navigate through life depending on their own resources to meet their unique spiritual and emotional needs.  A wise person once said,

“There really is no such thing as marital problems, only individual problems.”

The Process To Get There

In the marital coaching process couples will meet once a week for approximately 20-25 weeks.  Here are some things we will deal with during our time together:

  • The Flesh – Getting to the root of the problem
  • His Needs, Her Needs and who meets them
  • Who I am and Who we are
  • Trials, adversity, and suffering in relation to marriage
  • Anger – Can you relate?
  • Forgiveness – for myself, others and God
  • Who is the true enemy? – how to fight with new weapons
  • What about my emotions?
  • How to understand your unique role in the marriage


Suggested Donation

Service Recommended Donation
Coaching $100/session
Diagnostic Fee
(Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis)  
$45.00 one-time

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in marital coaching, please call or e-mail us.