Prayer Retreat

Dana & I went on a Prayer Retreat last Thursday & Friday to bathe New Life Design in prayer.  It was an incredible experience!  We talked to God, and we listened to God about His plans for NLD.  We interceded for our clients and asked God’s hand of power and protection to cover the ministry.  This was a very special time for me, personally.  I enjoyed getting away, being still and quiet, and talking/listening to God.  It was definitely an intimacy building time.  I experienced several “aha” moments as I read scripture and prayed.  We decided to make this a regular event for New Life Design.  When I was in college and in China, I had my own personal days or half-days of prayer, but I’ve fallen out of the habit since I returned to Powder Springs 3 years ago.  I’m thankful for the reminder of how great it is!  I encourage you to try it as well.  Take a weekend, day, or a half-day, find a quiet place without any distractions, and enjoy the presence of God. 


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