Notes on Nathanael’s Arrival – 10/20/11



After only getting 3-4 hours of sleep our day began.  The Doctor came in early to check on me and all seemed well with my incision and progress.  My body temperature was a little more regulated by this point and I was beginning to get back to feeling a little more like myself.  As the Doctor left I was soon greeted with hospital food!  Oh, joy!  I have decided that the only thing that they fix well is jello!  And when you are on a “soft” diet like I was, jello is pretty appealing.  When the nurses changed over that morning we were blessed to have another great nurse.  I was doing well until about lunchtime.  I’ll spare you all the details but just suffice to say I took a bit of a step backwards.  I had been told that I could be wheeled over to see Nathanael in the NICU when there were certain things I could do and I think I got a bit anxious about it and that caused a set back.  When our sweet nurse got my pain under control she realized what was going on and said,

“I’m going to go get a wheelchair and we are going to go see that Baby Boy!”

That brought so much peace and was the right solution.  Come to find out all my other issues seemed to resolve themselves.


We got to meet Nathanael’s nurse who was wonderful.  She brought us up to speed on how his tests were turning out, where he was with being able to maintain a proper blood sugar level and how he was doing with eating and pottying.  She even let me change his diaper.  He was not happy as they had to stick him to draw more blood and he does not like his diaper changed.  We watched his blood pressure, respirations and heart rate numbers on the monitor above his little bed and when they handed him to me and I began to talk to him we noticed that immediately his numbers began to drop back down to the normal range.  How cool is that!  They really know their mother’s voice!  We had a sweet visit with him for a couple of hours.  The world of NICU is quite amazing.  The Pediatric doctors and nurses over there are amazing and I can not help to thing that our Abba Father walks in and out of those small, dimly lite rooms watching over those babies.  When we took a good look around and then looked back at Nathanael we immediately knew how blessed we were and how great a miracle our God had performed.  After dinner we got to go back over again for another visit and learn about how to feed a preemie infant and learn whether or not he would be able to be in our room with us on Friday.  His blood sugar levels were holding pretty good so we got the go ahead.


It had been an exhausting day but we were relieved that our little guy was doing much better and Friday was looking to be a good day.


More about Friday tomorrow!



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