Notes on Nathanael’s Arrival – 10/21/11


We got in bed very late Thursday night after being over in the NICU until 10:30 and then they brought Nathanael to our room for the Midnight feeding and then he went back to the nursery so we were already sleep deprived come Friday morning.  They brought Nathanael back to our room about 6:45 and he got to be with us all day.  He had his hearing test done in our room and he got an excellent score on it which was very reassuring.  He was able to get adequate naps in between feedings without being stuck off and on through out the day.  This increased his eating and made for a happier baby.  We had some great visits from family and friends and even did a photo shoot for baby pictures that afternoon.  That night I had a baby shower that I was supposed to be at but thanks to some great friends and technology know how, Nathanael and I were able to attend via Skype.  Nathanael got some really great things and it was great to see everyone.  It was a busy day with some quiet moments of rest in between all the happenings of the day.  I guess the highlight was being able to love on sweet Nathanael all day and enjoy him.  After the midnight feeding Nathanael had to go to the nursery to have two more blood tests done as well as the car seat test that they do now and we sure hated to see him go after having such a great day with us without being stuck.

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