Notes on Nathanael’s Arrival – 10/22/11

Saturday – Going Home Day!

Nathanael was back in our room at 6:30 and had passed all his tests with flying colors but the nurse had to come and get him again around 7:45 for his circumcision procedure and we really hated to see him go for that.  I think Tony and I both shed some tears over it.  After being stuck so much it was just difficult to let him go again.  He returned back to our room around 9:30.  We had gotten the final word that we could go home from all the Doctors that afternoon so we began the check out process and getting ready.  Early that morning Tony and I had a conversation about all that we had been through on this journey to having children that began a number of years ago.  We talked about all the fears, personal issues, doubts, questions and wondering about infertility.  Both of us knew that it had all been worth it – worth going down some difficult paths, facing fears, and plunging to new depths of trust with God.  We wept tears of joy as we celebrated God’s faithfulness.

Arriving home with a baby was quite surreal.  We had the best homecoming.  It was awesome to celebrate what God had done with our family.  Later that evening naps were in order for everyone all around.

So, a journey that began with many questions, fears and insecurities has ended with a deeper trust in Abba Father, an even deeper love for my Man and a joy unspeakable for our little Nathanael Douglas Dodd.  Thank you, Father for the gift given by You straight to us. For that is exactly what the name Nathanael means, a gift “given by God”.

To all of our family and friends that have stood with us over the last several days and weeks – Thank You!  Thank you for your prayers, support and words of encouragement.  You have played an invaluable part of this journey with us and we are forever grateful for each of you.  You are a treasure to us!


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  1. Whew! What a story and picture for us to see His Great Hand on our lives and how He takes care of all our needs and those things we are not even aware of…
    Love you three!!!
    Phil and Mary

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