Merry Christmas from NLD

Merry Christmas! Because of what we celebrate this time of year, you and I have forgiveness, freedom and FUN! Yes, I just said FUN! I don’t now if you have ever thought of the Christian life as fun, but it can be the greatest adventure you have ever embarked on. A month before my Dad passed away in early 1992 we wrote several letters back and forth with each other as I was living in Texas and he in Mobile, Alabama. I had asked him about how he was feeling as he struggled with cancer and what he felt God was doing in his life. He responded back by asking me why more Christians were not happy. He said, “Christians should be the happiest people on the earth, Dana.” I confess I did not have the answer to his question. Here my Dad was fighting cancer one month before God would call him home and he is asking me why are Christians not happy! WOW! Just over 10 years ago I found the answer to that question when I learned the principles of the “Exchanged Life” – the exact principles we teach here at NLD. So many don’t enjoy the Christian life and are not truly happy and content because they have no idea who they are and what they have inherited through gaining a relationship with Christ. Most importantly, they are not daily experiencing that relationship so they are not enjoying intimacy with Him. A quote that Rebecca and I looked at this morning was this, “The ultimate protection against sinking during life’s storms is devoting time to develop your friendship with Me (God).” This is found in Sarah Young’s devotional book entitled “Jesus Calling”. That is what my earthly father found – intimacy with Jesus. Through that intimacy he learned who he was and whom he belonged to and that brought peace and joy in the midst of adverse circumstances. I don’t know what you are facing this Christmas – but if you know Jesus, then take time to build an intimate friendship with Him and that will see you through! This is what many of our clients are learning this holiday season. I pray for them and I am praying for you that you find this truth for yourself as well.

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