6 Month Ministry Update

Thank you for your prayers for New Life Design.  I can’t believe that we have been going now for 6 months and things are looking wonderful!  My faith has been stretched and thankfully God has supplied the courage to take the steps needed to match the stretching.   At this time exactly one year ago I was very discouraged with where I was at AND at the same time very much afraid of where God was calling me to.  As I say, a war had ensued in my mind and emotions.  Just to give you a window into my soul, here is the wide gamut of emotions that I was experiencing:  I was so burdened over the vision that God had planted, scared to raise support, curious about what this new vision would turn into, worried about finances, excited about a new dream and experiencing an odd mix of being “miserably comfortable” with a weekly pay check at the last assignment that God had given.   Very quickly I began to realize that God was saying it is time to embark on a new vision.  Although I have read books and literature on Vision and Leadership, I have never really considered myself as a “visionary” type person until God planted the vision.  I completely attest to the fact that God calls the ordinary person to do the extra-ordinary for Him.  In the process, we grow and are challenged to allow Christ to express His very life in and through us – that, by the way, is the secret to the extra-ordinary living!!

News About Where We Are:
Many of you know that we were given rent free office space for the first 6 months.  That means as of today (Feb. 1) we began paying rent.  I am so excited to tell you that the check has been sent and all is well with the budget!  It was so wonderful last night to lay my head on the pillow and know that all was well because God has so faithfully provided for us.  Many of you know that Tony, Rebecca and myself are big Dave Ramsey – Financial Peace fans.  We have been conducting our ministry budget based on those principles including operating debt free and God has blessed our obedience.  Praise the Lord for what He has done!!

More News….
I was looking over some info earlier this week getting ready for our Board Meeting this past Tuesday night and it was exciting to look at the numbers.  I must say, for once this Baptist girl enjoyed looking at numbers!  Ha-Ha!!  In almost 6 months we have had the opportunity to share Christ with 26 people and out of the 26 – 22 have decided to go through the process and be discipled!!   Also, 1 out the 22 realized that she was not saved and has prayed to receive Christ and is being discipled.  Now that is some news that I can get pumped about.  What awesome prospects of sending 22 people back to their churches healed, discipled and ready to serve!  This number also includes several who are participating in the Marital Coaching and we are seeing God begin to put marriages back together and transform the individuals.  Wow…now for me….that’s ministry!! 

We are excited to see what God has in store for the rest of 2008 and into 2009.  I know there may be some “faith challenges” ahead but I know my God is trustworthy and faithful!  If you had told me February 1st a year ago that all this would be a reality, I am not so sure I would have believed you.  But look at what God has done!  This very point is what kept me focused during some intense planning we did this week concerning the future of the ministry.  We mapped out where we think God may be taking us from February 08 to February 09.  I had a tendency to get a little apprehensive but I am reminded that this whole deal was God’s idea in the first place and He can do as He pleases with it.  Please keep praying for us and for God to intervene in the lives of these individuals.  Without Christ, we can do nothing, but with Him….all things are possible! – John 15:5 & Matt. 19:26.

Running To Win – Dana
P.S.  While I was typing this Blog I booked another new client!!  As you can see….God is sending them….we need you praying!!!  Please, stop right now a voice a prayer to Father to minister, heal and transform our clients!  We love you!!

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  1. I am so thankful for your ministry – it is changing my life! I thank God for the way He is blessing you, that you might continue to bless others.
    I am praying for you.
    In Him,

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