Forever Connected

But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him. 

~1 Corinthians 6:17

As we get to know who God is and who we are in Him, we move through three levels of knowledge:

1.  Factual Knowledge–knowing what is true; often referred to as head knowledge
2.  Revelational Knowledge–when the Holy Spirit reveals the meaning of something to us; like an ah-ha moment or a light bulb coming on
3.  Experiential Knowledge–learning something through experience; practical application of the truth; this is when it really sinks in and changes us

Over the past several months, God has spoken to my heart in all 3 ways about being connected.  This is one of those deep internal needs that I find myself struggling with quite often.  I long to feel a close connection with others.  When that is missing in my relationships with friends or family, I feel a painful emptiness and loneliness.  God has been teaching me that this is a God-given need that only He can sufficiently meet. (John 4:13-14; Phil 4:19)  He wants me to come to Him so that He can fill me.  Trying meet this need through connection with other people is like digging my own cistern that can’t hold water. (Jeremiah 2:13)

Reading these scriptures and hearing about this truth through a sermon gave me the factual knowledge.  Then, one day as I was sitting with God and listening to a song, He revealed this truth to me in a special way.  The song talked about how Jesus’ work on the cross was finished/done.  I began to ask God & mull over what that means to me.  He showed me that I am forever forgiven, forever loved, forever accepted, and forever connected.  This was revelational knowledge. 

Several weeks later, I found myself in a social situation where I didn’t feel connected with the people around me.  I felt far away, disconnected, alone.  Even the next day, I couldn’t get this feeling out of my mind.  I tried to analyze why I felt disconnected, wondering what was wrong with me that prevented me from being accepted/connected.  (lies, lies, lies)  I sat down to spend time with God and told Him all of my feelings.  And then, I heard that same song.  I remembered what God had said to me last time:  I am forever forgiven, forever loved, forever accepted, but I couldn’t remember the last one.  I felt compelled (Holy Spirit’s leading) to go find where I had written it down.  The one I had forgotten was “I am forever connected!”  I knew right away that this was God’s answer to my struggle.  I am joined to Him.  I am one spirit with Him.  He lives in me.  I can’t get anymore connected than that.  And that connection is eternal.  Even if I feel disconnected from people at times, I’m still okay because I’m connected to Him.  Then I no longer felt weighed down or bothered;  I felt light & free!  That’s experiential knowledge.  PTL!!


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