Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way.  That’s where I find myself right now.  Oh, if only I could just hear what God says and believe it and act on it immediately — life would be so much easier!  But, no, I tend to go the route of having to experience it for myself — learning it the hard way.  God has told me time and time again that I am significant, valuable, and of great worth, but I just can’t seem to grasp that.  Praise God for His patience and grace to keep working with us when we just don’t get it!!!!

God gave me a gracious “do over” opportunity a couple of days ago.  Through this experience He opened my eyes to the futility of seeking value and worth from other people.  It just doesn’t work — believe me I’ve tried, tried again, and tried harder.  Most of the time, I end up hurt and empty.  In a broken world full of imperfect people, we’re going to be treated as if we’re insignificant and worthless.  But being treated that way doesn’t make it true.  In fact, it’s far from the truth.  We have incredible value and worth because our creator has given it to us.  He displayed this in His willingness to suffer great pain & agony on our behalf.  He was willing to give His life in exchange for ours.  When you look at the cross, there is no doubt that we are loved and valued, that we are important and worth a great price.  The value that God has given us is greater than what we could squeeze out of people over an entire lifetime. 

I have concluded that continuing to exert so much emotional energy in such a futile endeavor is just foolish.  Especially since God has already given me what I need in great abundance.  It would be better to spend my energy meditating on and remembering God’s great gift.  Oh, that I would choose wisdom over the foolish ways of the world!


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