Your Greatest Present

Hello everyone!

I am going to take a quick break on the writings on the 23rd Psalm and share a quick thought about Christmas presents but I promise to get back to the 23rd Psalm.  I hope to do another entry on that next week.

Down to the Christmas thought….As I was sitting in church this past Sunday and processing the sermon, which was fantastic, I was able to keep some things in perspective.  It is easy during the holiday season to get totally wrapped up in the hussel and bussel, buying gifts, worrying about the family get-together and wondering if everyone is going to get along until it is easy for us to lose our focus.  Well, this year I have a new theme for the holiday season.  Before I share my new holiday theme, let me ask you a question.  What would be the greatest gift you could receive this year?  More specifically….what would be the greatest gift you could receive from Jesus this year?

Well, here it is……

The greatest present is His presence!  The greatest gift God could give to us is His presence with us and that is exactly what we have dwelling within us!  Christ in you, the hope of Glory!  Just enjoy Jesus this year!  That should be our primary focus.  After  all, it is His birth we are celebrating.

Merry Christmas!


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